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Parris Vincenzo Stefanow Won The 2009 "BEST SPIRIT PHOTOGRAPHY" Award - International Paranormal Acknowledgment Awards

 I've restricted the photo section here on this site. to see my photos you must click on the links I provided above. There you will see many cool Paranormal pictures I have taken right up to the current year. The information on this site I left as is. Thank You for stopping by! Parris Vincenzo Stefanow

What is a Orb ? The Dictionary describes a orb as follows:

  1. A sphere or spherical object.
    1. A celestial body, such as the sun or moon.
    2. Archaic The earth.
  2. One of a series of concentric transparent spheres thought by ancient and medieval astronomers to revolve about the earth and carry the celestial bodies.
  3. A globe surmounted by a cross, used as a symbol of monarchial power and justice.
  4. An eye or eyeball.
  5. Archaic Something of circular form; a circle or an orbit.
  6. Archaic A range of endeavor or activity; a province.

Some believe that the unseen orbs that show up on digital and 35mm cameras are spirits or ghosts that show up in and around haunted houses.  Some research says that Orbs are other world beings from other dimensions.  It's even said that some Orbs are extraterrestrial beings keeping watch on the "goings on" on planet earth.  It's said that the E.T. Orbs have faces that show up in the orb itself. I myself believe that all of the above is possible. There is no definate answer to what a orb is, or where they come from. What we do know is that the Orbs come in many sizes, shapes, and colors with a unique display of image in each one.  There is much debate about whether orbs are just dust, moisture particles, inexplicable light anomalies, or whether they really are signs that a spirit is present and trying to communicate with the physical world. Orbs are sometimes accompanied by delicate mists or smoky wisps as a physical apparition is attempted. Often a mist will be caught on camera in the same shot as a spirit orb. These mists can sometimes show the actual shape and form of the person or being manifesting. Orbs and light anomalies are a reaction produced by the expenditure of energy when spiritual energy is in the first stage  of manifestation here in the physical world. Orbs are linked to part of a physical reaction created as the manifestation occurs.  When a spirit expends the energy required to manifest in our presence, the energy lights we call orbs are produced or attracted along with other paranormal phenomena. There is much evidence that supports this theory of orbs. Other well noted ghostly events have been documented with the presence of orbs, such as Cold Spots, sudden decrease in temps, a strong feeling of a presence, and in some cases the actual visual sighting of an orb. Orbs emit light-waves in the infa-red frequency but none in the visible frequency (3rd dimension) so when a person uses a digital camera, you see the orbs in the photograph due to the reason being that it seems that the orbs are sensitive to the infa-red vibration. I feel the energy that we see on pics and videos that manifests as orbs is not always a spirit in the process of manifestation. The orb could be separate from the spirit itself. The spirits I believe may take energy from their surroundings including the energy of orbs (which seem to be everywhere, not just in haunted locations) which the spirit uses to aid itself in its manifestation or to aid it in any way possible to manifest in our 3rd dimensional reality.  In my experiences, I have had what seems to be the same orb follow me and show up in different pictures that I take in a location. The orbs seem to be inquisitive by nature. In many of my orb pics that where taken in complete darkness of the night, the orbs show up accompanied by a mist or a bunch of orbs forming a misty figure of sorts. Could this be a sign that the spirit is utilizing the orbs for a manifestation in our reality? The true metaphysical believers have their stories and explanations about orbs and the skeptical unbelievers have their stories and explanations about orbs. Both groups bring great theories to the table of content that could seem to explain the orb occurrences in either direction. Either direction meaning the orbs are living entities (spirits,fairies,alien probes,dimensional amebas) or the orbs are accidental findings (dust particles, rain drops, water particles in the air, mist, bugs). I must say that in my opinion I feel a certain amount of orbs that show up on film that appear to be almost clear with hair lines going through the orb are an amplification of a dust particle, amplified and illuminated by the cameras flash. The same goes for taking pictures on a foggy night or a humid night, i.e. moisture particles. These dust orbs or moisture orbs look like a view through a microscope. I must also say that in my opinion I feel that a certain amount of orbs that show up on film that appear to be solid illuminous white or other colors and leave a comet tail or a long movement trail due to the upper dimensional freaquency speed are an event of meta-physical workings (Meta is greek for the word "beyond", Physical is the "3rd dimension", i.e. Beyond the 3rd Dimension) . Like many things in our 3rd dimensional environment, if it cant be explained with weights and measurements, there will always be doubts.  How does one explain the ethereal spiritual workings of the upper dimensions (4th,5th,6th,7th dimensions) in 3 dimensional terms ? With this being said, there's no explaination as to what these orbs and mist really are. All we have to answer this question is the thought process at which we approach it, the thought-forms that we as humans have been  programmed with since childhood mostly determine the outcome of how we explain these orbs. The brain washing of minds from religions, governments, schools, and our upbringing since childhood does nothing but restrict the minds point of view and consciousness and withholds it at a level that it can be controlled, and at that level of mind control, the self has no ability to mentally advance the body, mind and spirit to a level that attunes the body, mind and spirit to new understandings that create a domino effect in the consciousness that could explain many paranormal  phenomenon.Image




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